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50 Powerful Prayers For My Siblings

Family members are part of the greatest gifts God has given to us. Having family members (including siblings) around one is a beautiful and priceless thing. While we are glad that God has blessed us with the gift of siblings, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that we should pray for them. Today, we bring you a prayer for your siblings. 

Life without siblings can be lonely sometimes. A person who has their number of siblings still intact, sane and alive has one of the biggest treasures of life. 

Prayer For My Siblings

For several reasons, God chose not to create just one or two people on earth. It is because we need each other, that we have friends and family around. No one can really function maximally on the earth without having people in their life. 

Ephesians 6:18 NLT
Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.

For some of us, the closest people to us are our siblings. No matter the friction that happens among siblings, no other relationship that can be as beautiful and strong as a healthy relationship among brothers and sisters. 

The place of family members (especially siblings) cannot be replaced. No wonder an only child in a family always longs to have siblings. 

Life becomes quite easier when one has brothers and sisters who always support and encourage them when needed. It is very important to jealousy guard this precious gift of having siblings. 

It is true that our siblings are not perfect. But no matter the imperfections and weaknesses we find in our siblings, we must understand that God brought us all through the same parents for a reason. It was for a good purpose; it was so that we can bond with and help each other, not hate or be jealous of each other. 

Siblings are supposed to complement and support each other, they are supposed to fight for each other, watch each other's back and stand by each other to fight against any external forces. 

Why We Should Pray For Our Siblings

Many have made a lot of sacrifices for their siblings. Many people have done a lot of heart touching good things for their brothers and sisters. And as Christians, we should better demonstrate God's love to our siblings. 

Even as much as you appreciate your siblings verbally and materially, you can as well love them more by praying for them. 

Even if your siblings haven't been the best version they could be, as children of God, we are not supposed to use that against them. The fact that they've not been doing what they're supposed do for you, shouldn't prevent you from doing something valuable for them.

1 Timothy 2:1( KJV)
I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men.

From the above scripture, we discover the commandment of prayer that God has given to us. We must realize that there is no exceptions are attached when it comes to people we should pray for

Whether we think someone deserves our prayer or not, we should pray for them whenever we are led and instructed to do so. Remember, the Bible instructs us to pray for all men. This includes our siblings. 

The ministry of prayer and intercession is one that Believers cannot afford to neglect or handle with levity. It is one of our primary responsibilities as children of God. So let us obey God concerning our siblings, by praying for them
Since our siblings are gifts from God, He has made us stewards over those gifts of His. God expects us to watch over His gifts to us in prayers. 

Praying over and for your siblings is one of the best things you can do for them. The power of intercession is one that cannot be overemphasised. The possibilities that are made available as one prays for their siblings cannot be denied. 

Families are what they are because they are joined together by blood. Praying for your siblings has many positive effects due to blood connection. 

The consanguinity between you and your siblings is what makes whatever you do for them or over them produce quicker results. The prayer of a person over their sibling returns testimonies. Below are prayers you can pray for your siblings. 

Prayers For My Siblings

  1. Dear Lord, I thank you for giving me the gift of siblings 
  2. Thank you Lord Jesus for giving me people that I can call my family members
  3. Dear Lord, thank You for not making me alone in this world. 
  4. Heavenly Father, I glorify You for blessing me with people I can call my own. 
  5. Thank You Lord Jesus that I do not have to go through life without people to support, encourage and strengthen me when necessary.
  6. Lord God, I come against and destroy every plan of the enemy to sow discord between me and my siblings. 
  7. Dear Lord, every spirit of discord the enemy has planted or is  planning to plant among me and my Siblings, let it be destroyed, by the power of God. 
  8. Heavenly Father, every arrow of hate targetted at my siblings and I, I consume that demonic arrow by the fire of God.
  9. Dear God, let every demonic manipulation of the enemy against my family members be destroyed. 
  10. Lord, every seige of disunity and separation in my family, I destroy it right now in Jesus Name.
  11. Father, let the spirit of unity and togetherness rest upon my siblings and I. 
  12. Father, let the bond of love that keeps me and my siblings together not be broken.
  13. Lord God, every evil arrow aimed at destroying the works of the hands of my siblings, I destroy it right now in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. 
  14. Dear God, every gang-up of the enemy against any of my siblings, I truncate them in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.
  15. Heavenly Father, I declare that none of my siblings will be a prey in the hands of the enemy. 
  16. I cover my siblings with the blood of Jesus against any attack of the wicked one.
  17. Lord Jesus, I declare that my siblings are untouchable and unhurtable by the enemy. 
  18. Father, let your hedge of protection be strong upon my siblings and all that concerns them, in Jesus Name.
  19. Lord Jesus, I come against wasted efforts in the life of my siblings.
  20. Heavenly Father, bless the work of the hands of all my siblings.
  21. Father, I ask that You would enlarge the coast of all my siblings. 
  22. Dear Lord, I decree that everywhere the names of my siblings are mentioned, your favour will answer for them in Jesus Name. 
  23. Dear Lord, every evil tongue that rises up against my siblings, I cut it off right now in Jesus Name. 
  24. Heavenly Father, I declare that none of my siblings will suffer shame or reproach in any area of their lives, in Jesus Mighty Name. 
  25. Lord Jesus, my siblings will never be stranded at any point in their lives. 
  26. Dear Lord, continue to arise for the help of my siblings.
  27. I declare that none of my siblings will suffer untimely death, in Jesus Name. 
  28. Every evil storm raging against my brothers and sisters, I decree peace be still over them. In Jesus Name.
  29. No weapon formed against any of my siblings shall prosper in the mighty Name of Jesus. 
  30. My siblings shall not suffer financial, embarrassment anymore.
  31. Henceforth, everything my siblings lay their hands on shall prosper speedily. 
  32. My Siblings shall not suffer lack or want in the mighty name of Jesus
  33. Father, my siblings will not be lost to the enemy. 
  34. Dear Lord, I declare that my siblings will not fall into the pit of the enemy to truncate their lives. 
  35. By the power of God, I break the hold of sin in the lives of my siblings. 
  36. I declare that sin shall not destroy the glorious destiny of my siblings
  37. Dear God, every power of darkness that wants to hold my siblings down, I declare that your light prevails over it in Jesus Name. 
  38. Dear Lord, distinguish my siblings among others wherever they find themselves.
  39. Let the spirit of excellence come upon my siblings, to make them preferred above others. 
  40. I will not mourn or weep over my siblings. 
  41. Father, baptise my siblings with the spirit of wisdom, knowledge, and underStanding. 
  42. Let the ears of my siblings be opened to hear the promptings of the Holy Spirit
  43. Dear Lord, baptise my siblings with the spirit of obedience to obey You with ease and as a lifestyle.
  44. I pray for divine strength and vitality upon my siblings. 
  45. Lord God, I decree your divine health over my siblings. 
  46. Sickness and disease has no power over any of my siblings
  47. I pray that my parents will reap the fruits of their labour upon my siblings and I.
  48. None of my siblings will be a nonentity.
  49. Father, let Your will alone and not that of the enemy be done in the lives of my siblings. 
  50. Heavenly Father, I place my siblings in Your hands. I know that You have great destinies for each of them. Cause it to manifest in their lives. In the Name of Jesus Christ. 

Final Thoughts On Prayer For Siblings

Dear Believers, the Bible makes us understand that every prayer we pray with faith has the power to command signs and wonders. So go ahead and pray over your siblings continually if you love them. You don't want to lose them to the wicked one. 

Be fervent in your prayer for your siblings, because it could be difficult for you to thrive, if your siblings are not doing well in life. 

Your prayers over your siblings have to come from a heart filled with love. Let love drive you to always stand in the gap for your siblings. 

God bless you.