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40 Prayers You Should Pray Before Meal Time

Every moment of our lives count as Believers. Whether we are conscious of it or not, every time we spend on earth has a significance. It is therefore our responsibility to connect with Heaven always. 

We are supposed to be in Spirit at all times, there shouldn't be any room for carnality. That is what intimacy and fellowship with God is about. 

God created everything we can see and He created man in His own Image to dominate, rule over other creatures, establish His Kingdom on the earth and to also commune intimately with Him. 

Prayer Before Meal Time

God desires to hear our voice at all points in time. The way we relate with our loved ones that we can see physically is how we are supposed to relate with God. 

We shouldn't limit our communication with God to only our time for personal devotion, or when we are in the midst of other Believers. God desires more than that from us. 

We are expected to commune with God even when we are engaged in other activities like washing, bathing, cleaning, driving, walking, working, cooking, even while eating. That is what God wants from us. 

Why We Should Pray Before Meal Time 

Praying before meal time is something that most Christians have neglected over time. It has now become difficult for Christians to commune with God before eating

Some see it as old-fashioned and unnecessary. But as true Believers, let's be reminded that we are to pray at all times and in all occasions. 

1. Jesus Prayed Before Meal Time

It is important to acknowledge the Lordship of our Lord Jesus Christ before, during and after doing anything. No man can receive anything except he is given by God. 

Remember that the meal you have to eat was provided you by God. It shouldn't be a difficult thing to communicate with God before having any form of meal.

Praying before a meal is not a religious rite but a Biblical act (Luke 22:17-19, Matthew 26:26). All through the holy Scriptures, we discover that Jesus took His time to pray before having any meal. He never missed this. He made it a habit to pray before having a meal. If Jesus could do this, why shouldn't we?

More Significantly, at the last supper, Jesus still laid it to heart to pray before having his last meal. Even at that point when He was face to face with death, the habit of prayer never left Him. 

2. Our Body Is The Temple Of God

The Bible says that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19). It would be careless of any Christian to take anything into that body as food, without first praying over it. It is of great importance to pray over over our food before eating them.

3. We Draw Closer To God Through Meal Time Prayers

Praying before meal time strengthens our relationship with God. It deepens our bond with Him. Praying at moments that are often overlooked by others will definitely draw you closer to God.

4. It Strengthens Bond Among Family Members

Praying before a meal with family members makes everyone in the family recognise the Lordship of Jesus Christ in that family. It also strengthens the bond among such family members. A family that prays together, stays together. It is therefore advisable to make it a habit to pray before meal time.

20 Mealtime Prayers To Pray Before Eating

  1. Father, thank you for the opportunity to have something to eat. 
  2. Lord, I magnify your Name because You didn't allow me to go about on empty stomach.
  3. Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for making this meal available for me.
  4. I apreciate You Lord, that I am not on the roadside begging for alms. 
  5. Lord, I ask for your mercy upon me. I ask that You continually provide for me. 
  6. Lord Jesus, purify me from every form of sin and offence.
  7. Father, in any way I've come short of Your glory before now, have mercy upon me in the Mighty Name of Jesus. 
  8. Lord, I pray that you continue to put food on my table In Jesus Name.
  9. Father, bless the work of my hands so I won't go hungry in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ
  10. Lord, I ask for supplies for me so I can also put food on the tables of others in the Mighty Name of Jesus. 
  11. Lord God, help me not to ever lack your divine supplies in Jesus name
  12. Dear Lord, continue to give me good meals for my sustenance. 
  13. Lord God, continue to provide for me, so I can be a channel of blessing unto others that are less privileged than I am in Jesus Name.
  14. Lord God, I will never be ungrateful for Your provision in my life. In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. 
  15. Dear God, continue to strengthen me to work hard and fend for myself in Jesus Name.
  16. Lord Jesus, let this food turn to the holy communion in me and nourish my body, soul and spirit. 
  17. Heavenly Father, let this meal give me divine strength to go about my activities in Jesus Name.
  18. Lord God, this meal shall not be the last meal I will eat In Jesus Name. 
  19. Lord God, bless me so I can eat good meals and stay healthy.
  20. Father, let the heavens be opened for my continual and unending supplies. In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

Short Mealtime Prayer

Dear God, I come to You today with a grateful heart in acceptance of this meal. I thank You because I did not get this meal based on my hard work alone. But your Grace was sufficient for me. I ask that You would bless this meal and sanctify it. It shall pose no problem to my health as I eat it. Let this meal be a source of divine strength for me. Let it also serve as a point of contact to those that don't have to eat, I ask that You provide for them as well. Thank You Lord for I know that You have heard and answered my prayers. In Jesus Name I have prayed. 

20 Mealtime Prayers For Family

  1. Father, we thank you for making this meal available for us. 
  2. Lord Jesus, thank you for always blessing the works of our hands thereby making us have what to eat.
  3. Lord, as a family we have come with gratitude In our hearts and praise on our lips for this meal You have provided us.
  4. Thank You Lord, because it is by Your mercy not by our works, that we are not going about with pangs of hunger. 
  5. We glorify You O God for always being there for us in all aspects of life. 
  6. Dear God, as a family we come before Your throne asking that You cleanse us from every impurity.
  7. Dear Lord, as we eat, let this food bring healing to every dysfunctional part of our body. 
  8. Father, this meal that you have provided for us will not cause us harm, In Jesus Name.
  9. Dear Lord, may this meal become Your blood and flesh, reviving and bringing longevity to our lives. 
  10. Lord God, this meal shall nourish us all in the mighty Name of Jesus. 
  11. Dear God, I ask that You bless the hand through which this meal was provided. They shall never lack. 
  12. Lord Jesus, bless the hands of the person that prepared this meal in Jesus Name.
  13. Heavenly Father, I ask that You bless and provide for every one of us about to feed from this meal. 
  14. Lord, as You have given us what to eat, give those that are in need of it also, in Jesus Name. 
  15. Dear Lord, also bless those that are hungry right now. Make a way for their own provision, in Jesus Name. 
  16. Father, henceforth, before the need arises, let the provision be made available for us, In Jesus Name. 
  17. This meal shall not be the last we will have together as a family, in Jesus Name.
  18. Father, none of us shall be missing during our next meal, in Jesus Name. 
  19. Dear God, be our provider and bless the works of our hands. 
  20. This food shall provide us with the energy we need to go about our daily activities, in Jesus Name.

Final Thoughts on Mealtime Prayers

Beloved, I trust that this article has satisfied your hunger on prayers to engage in before mealtime. It might seem outdated to pray before meal time, but it has a lot of spiritual significance. 

Prayer is our responsibility; it should be made a priority. You are to pray always. I implore you to make it a habit to pray before eating. 

Make prayer before meals mandatory in your homes. Remember that it comes with lots benefits and adds value to your life. 

Eat your meal with a joyful heart and with gratitude. Thanks again for reading.

God bless you.