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21 Powerful Prayer For Everyday Of The Week

For every genuine Christian, prayer is not something that could be compromised or replaced with something else. In several verses, the holy Bible hi…
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40 Prayers You Should Pray Before Meal Time

Every moment of our lives count as Believers. Whether we are conscious of it or not, every time we spend on earth has a significance. It is therefore…

Prayer For Success In Examinations

Success is the desire of everyone on the earth, be it in the world or in the Kingdom. In all life endeavours, no one desires failure but success .

How To Pray For Your Enemies

We live in a world filled with lots of evil. Due to the fall of the first man in the garden, the enemy gained the legal grounds to start oppressing m…

The Importance Of Praying With Others

One effective ministry that we have in this Kingdom is praying with others . We have brothers and sisters in the Lord who are also running this Chris…

How To Pray Through Scriptures

As Believers, God has made quite a number of provisions available to make our Christian walk less burdensome. He gave us mysteries, weapons and strat…


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