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Prayer For Wisdom And Knowledge

All through the holy scriptures, at different intervals, in different contexts, the subject of wisdom, knowledge and understanding is talked about, defined and emphasized on. This shows us the importance of wisdom.

The Bible even tells us that in everything we do and above everything we crave for, we should get wisdom—because it is the principal thing (Proverbs 4:7). 

Prayer For Wisdom And Knowledge

Knowledge is acquisition of information at any level. Wisdom is the right application of knowledge, fuelled by our understanding of what we know. A wise man is a man who understands things and knows the right thing to do at every given point in time.

The importance of wisdom cannot be overemphasised. Anyone that desires to excel in any area of life must have wisdom. 

Wisdom is also access to divine secrets. The divine secrets that you have access to is what places you in command, making you exceptional in all that you do. The secrets you know and make use of singles you out from the crowd. 

Wisdom, knowledge and understanding are so crucial that their absence from a man's life reduces him to nothing. Every trailblazer, pathfinder and pacesetter have these three things at work in their lives. 

Wisdom distinguishes. From the holy Scriptures, we understand that wisdom has the ability to enthrone whoever has it. Wisdom puts a man in a class of his own and makes him get things easily. The more you apply what you know, the more colourful your life becomes.

Wisdom is what differentiates an excellent man from a common man. Everyone of us should strive to get wisdom at all cost. Because nothing beautifies, decorates, and blesses like wisdom.

It is important to also realise that walking in the fear of God is a great requirement to access wisdom. The Bible has made us to understand that God is the Source of divine wisdom. 

There are different kinds of wisdom: earthly wisdom, sensual wisdom, devilish wisdom, and divine wisdom. The wisdom that makes people to dominate where others are dominated is divine wisdom. The wisdom from above places its bearer above others. You can't have divine wisdom and fail in life. 

Everyone who has access to God's secrets is placed at the top in life. Wisdom is one the most valuable and indispensable asset every Christian should have. 
We have access to divine wisdom as we spend time with the custodian of wisdom in the place of prayer

Wisdom is one of the things that Christ died to bestow upon us (Revelations 5:12). No Believer can reign and shine brightly in this world without wisdom, knowledge and understanding. 

Wisdom, knowledge and understanding is your birthright as a Believer. Wisdom was manifested in the life of Jesus, so He didn't have any failed case all through His ministry on earth. 

Our Lord Jesus Christ commanded the attention of men because He had what they lacked. And as Jesus was, so should every redeemed child of God be. 

The Bible says that whoever lacks wisdom, let him ask God who gives to all men liberally, without finding fault, and it will be given to him (James 1:5). 

Knowing well that God is willing to endow us with wisdom, go ahead and pray asking Him to do just that. Ask that His wisdom begins to manifest in your life. 

Prayer For Wisdom And Knowledge

  1. Heavenly Father, I ask for the fresh baptism of divine wisdom upon me.
  2. Dear Lord, help me to make the necessary sacrifices I need in order for Your wisdom to be evident in my life.
  3. Lord God, the Grace to seek knowledge that will profit me, give unto me in Jesus Name.
  4. Lord Jesus, what I need to do to get access to the knowledge that will differentiate me from others, help me to do it. 
  5. Heavenly Father, help me to get the right knowledge in Jesus Name. 
  6. Because I am born of God, I refuse to be without wisdom. 
  7. Heavenly Father, grant me access to divine secrets that will place me above others, in Jesus Name. 
  8. Lord Jesus, help me to walk with the right company so I can be wiser.
  9. Dear Lord, deliver me from every spirit of ignorance.
  10. The Grace to consciously seek knowledge so I won't be in the pit of ignorance, I receive right now. 
  11. That exellent Spirit that was at work in the life of Daniel, begin to manifest in me, in Jesus Name. 
  12. Dear Lord, I refuse to be wise in my own eyes. Endue and guide my life with Your Wisdom. 
  13. Father, the Grace to apply what I know the right way, I receive it right now in the Name of Jesus. 
  14. Heavenly Father, help me to always know what to do, how to do it and when to do it, so I won't fail. Amen. 

Prayer For Wisdom And Understanding

  1. Dear Lord, the Grace to meditate upon the knowledge I receive at any point, I receive it right now.
  2. Heavenly Father, make me of quick understanding
  3. Father, I pray that You touch my mind to understand things easily. 
  4. Lord Jesus, grant me access to the light that will make me a shining light, in this dark and gloomy world.
  5. Precious Holy Spirit, manifest yourself in me to respond wisely to anything I'm faced with.
  6. Father help me to understand your ways so I can walk in them and be wise.
  7. Lord Jesus, baptise me with divine insight that will distinguish me from my peers. 
  8. Dear Lord, purify my heart and mind so I can understand things better and easier.
  9. The grace to do the extra that will make me extraordinary, I receive it right now, in Jesus Name. 
  10. Lord Jesus, bestow me with the spirit of understanding that will make me multiple times better than others.
  11. Lord Jesus, quicken my mind to understand things better than others. 
  12. I refuse to be an Ignorant believer 
  13. Lord, help me to understand things concerning the things I do for a living, so I can excel in them. 
  14. Lord Jesus, I declare that the Spirit of Wisdom and understanding begins to manifest itself practically in everything I do henceforth.
  15. I begin to walk in the reality of the wisdom, that Christ died to obtain for me.
  16. Dear Lord, I ask that You would grant me wisdom and understanding in all areas of my life. 

Final Thoughts On prayer For Exam Success

People who are blessed with divine wisdom, knowledge and understanding are easily identified, because they always stand out wherever they find themselves. 

What you know really matters in life. As a Believer, wisdom should be very evident in your life, because Your Father is the custodian of all Wisdom. He is the Owner of the secrets that will differentiate a man from others. 

You cannot afford to navigate this life ignorantly. Ignorant men are preys in the hands of the enemy. Wisdom helps you to walk with precision and get mind-blowing results. 

Give no room for the enemy to rob you of your birthright in Christ due to ignorance. Lay hold of wisdom from God, that is made accessible to you through the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross. 

The fear of the Lord itself is the beginning of wisdom. That is why it is important to walk in the fear of God, if you want to keep enjoying divine wisdom, knowledge and Understanding.

As seen in the holy scriptures, if we ask God for wisdom, He will give it to us. Pray this prayer for wisdom and knowledge with faith, believing that God will hear and answer you. 

Remain blessed.