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Powerful Dog Prayer For Sick Dog

Over the years and in all generations, pets have been a major thing in the lives of humans. Having pets around is a beautiful sight to behold; it is also a reflection of God's original plan at creation. 

Man was meant to live in peace, harmony, serenity and in love with animals. The original plan of God was for humans and animals to coexist and relate with together in peace without any fear of harm or betrayal. 

Dog Prayer For Sick Dog

Pets (especially dogs) have been very useful and helpful to their owners. Overtime, dogs have become part and parcel of human living. 

It is said that a “dog is a man's best friend”, because dogs are known for their friendliness and loyalty to their owners. 

Very many people have affirmed that dogs are very loving (and can sometimes even be more loving than a fellow human). Dogs can go to the extent of putting their life in the line for their owners. 

Dogs are loved and wanted by many. Dogs are a friend to a lot of people and are disliked by few. Dogs are full of life always. But just like humans, our dogs can as well get sick. 

As Christians, we believe that prayer can change anything. Also, God cares about everything concerning us. He said in His Word that we should cast all our burden on Him—because He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7). 

Just as God cares for us, He cares also about our pets. God wouldn't want to see us hurt and helpless because our pet is sick. He would want to intervene and lift that burden off our shoulders, by healing our pet. That is why it is not wrong to pray for our sick dog. 

When our dog is sick, their functionality will be greatly impacted. In their unwell state, they won't be able to show their dedication and love to the owner. This can be so disheartening and hurting for their owner. Seeing your once lively, doting, and energetic dog become a shadow of itself is heart-wrenching. 
Man was created not just to take care of his fellow humans but to also appreciate and care for animals, including dogs. We also know that as Christians, God created us to show love, care and affection to everything He created.

As one who loves their dog, you should be willing to do anything possible to see that the health of your dog is restored and your dog becomes lively, energetic and caring again. 

Having understood that God also want a our pets to enjoy sound health, you know that it is also His will that we pray for their well-being. It is not enough to apply physical treatment on your sick dog, it is also important to receive healing for your sick dog through prayer

Prayer is a means through which we gain access to our birthright in Christ. As one who loves their dog, rise up to harness the power of prayer for your dog's healing. 

Prayer For Dog Healing

  1. Dear God, I know that You love pets just as I love them. I know that You love my dog and want them to be in their optimal health. Therefore, I ask that you heal my sick dog right now. In Jesus Name. 
  2. Lord God, let Your healing virtue flow in my dog right now. In the name of Jesus Christ
  3. Dear Lord, You didn't create my dog to live in pain or experience the worst. I ask that You would heal my dog from every form of pain in their body right now.
  4. Lord Jesus, let the cleansing power of your blood cleanse my dog from every form of infirmity. 
  5. Heavenly Father, I ask that You would restore my sick dog to perfect soundness of health. In Jesus Name. 
  6. Heavenly Father, destroy the siege of sickness and disease in the life of my dog. 
  7. Lord God, let your Mighty hands of healing rest upon my sick dog right now, and rid them from every form of sickness.
  8. Heavenly Father, let your power move over every part of my dog's body and strengthen them again. 
  9. Dear Lord, every anomaly in the health of my dog, I declare them rectified by the blood of Jesus Christ! 
  10. Lord Jesus, I declare that this sickness will not take away my dog's life. They shall live to complete their lifespan. 
  11. Father, forgive me of any sin that I may have committed, that could have contributed to my dog's illness. 
  12. Heavenly Father, forgive me of every negligence that have contributed to the sickness of my dog. 
  13. Dear God, I ask that You would give my dog the strength to fight against every form of illness and disease in their body.
  14. Father, I ask that you heal my dog from the sickness that is stressing them. Let them receive total healing from every persistent sickness. 
  15. Dear Lord, I ask that You would help my dog to recover quickly and perfectly from this sickness. 
  16. Heavenly Father, I pray that You miraculously ease the pain and discomfort in the body of my dog. 
  17. Lord God, let Your healing Anointing flow through the body of my sick dog.
  18. Heavenly Father, I ask that You would speedily work upon the health of my dog and take away the siege of sickness and disease. 
  19. Dear God, I ask that You would grant instant and miraculous healing to my sick dog.
  20. Heavenly Father, purge my sick dog from this affliction and infirmity. 
  21. Father, look upon my sick dog with your mercy. 
  22. Lord God, I ask that you help the veterinarian to know the right treatment for quick recovery of my dog. 
  23. Dear Lord, I speak 'peace be still' over my dog's turbulent health in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ
  24. Father, I ask that You protect my dog from future re-occurrence of this sickness. 
  25. Thank You Lord for the healing and restoration of my dog. 

Miracle Prayer For Sick Dog

  1. Miracle working God, I ask that You do Your quick work in the health of my sick dog. 
  2. Heavenly Father, You never ceased to do miracles. I ask that You miraculously restore the health of my dog right now. 
  3. Dear Lord, I declare that I will not mourn over my dog. 
  4. Father, I ask that You deliver my dog from the spirit of infirmity that is afflicting them. 
  5. By Your authority O Lord, I rebuke this devourer called sickness in the life of my dog. 
  6. Dear Lord, purify my sick dog from all the traces of sickness and diseases. 
  7. Father, miraculously correct everything that needs to be corrected in the system of my dog. 
  8. By Your authority O Lord, I declare an end to this sickness ravaging the life of my dog
  9. Dear Lord, I ask that You intervene speedily to do a miracle in my dog's health. 
  10. Heavenly Father, I declare that all the medical care administered on my sick dog shall work rightly, in Jesus Name. 
  11. By the power of God, I come against every demonic power that may attempt to hinder the healing of my dog. 
  12. Dear Lord, I declare an abrupt end to the operation of sickness and disease in the life of my dog. 
  13. Father, let the health of my dog be perfected
  14. Lord Jesus, I ask that You perform a miracle that will wipe off all the traces of sickness in my dog's body. 
  15. Father, let the blood of your Son perfect the health of my sick dog. 

Final Thoughts On Prayer For Sick Dog

Beloved, we should never underestimate the power of prayer. Prayer changes situations and it changes things. Your sick dog can obtain healing from God through your faith-filled prayer. So make it a point of duty to pray for your dog. 

Even when your dog isn't sick, it is your responsibility to pray for your pets. Remember to include your pets in prayer during your prayer time.
Also take good care of your pets. Feed them well, get them vaccinated and constantly take them to the Vet for checkups. Make sure you do your best to keep your dogs healthy. 

When all these things are put in place, your dog will walk in dominion over sickness and diseases. I wish your dog quick recovery.

Remain blessed.